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Santa Teresa Gallura

The main square

Santa Teresa Gallura is set on a hill overlooking the southern coast of Corsica just 11 nautical miles away, the Archipelago of La Maddalena lies to the north east and the Mare di Sardegnato the west. The town is developed around two inlets: Porto Longone with the new marina, and Rena Bianca.

Aerial View of the town

An interesting aspect of the town, is that its layout follows a roman plan, all the roads intersect perpendicularly. This outlay is typical of towns taken over by the Piedmontese,showing their military design and influence in local life.

Capo Testa

The central position of the town makes it easy to reach the nearby beaches in just a few minutes; the closest beach is Rena Bianca a brief walk from the main square,whereas to the west, about 3 kmfrom the center, lies Baia Santa Reparata

Valle dell'Erica

Followed by Capo Testa with its 2 beautiful beaches (Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante) divided from each other by an isthmus that continues towards Cala Spinosa. The beaches at Porto Quadro, La Marmorata and Cala Sambuco lie to the east.

Nearest beaches

Rena Bianca
Santa Reparata
Capo Testa - Rena di Levante
Capo Testa - Rena di Ponente
Capo Testa - Cala Spinosa
Porto Quadro
La Marmorata
Cala Sambuco